The Source Medicine Team


Health is not the absence of illness.

Health is an all-embracing feeling of well-being – of a happy balance between mind, body and soul.

It is an acceptance of who I am, what I am and as I am.

I – upright – my feet firmly set on the ground,
my eyes level with the world around me,
my head high and lofty.

We are here to help you reach this goal.

The Team

Edna B. Schur-Rubinstein
Functional Medicine and Epigenetic Expert
Main Practitioner & Education Lead
Prof. Dr. Michael Stark
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Stark
Chief Gynecology & Obstetrics Consultant
Joel Schur
Joel Schur
Technical Hypnosis & Counselling Practitioner

The Source Medicine Donors

Johannes Glarner
Johannes Glarner

Our Partners

Seegarten Klinik Kilchberg

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