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Open Your Mind - See Beyond - Change Lives


Health is not the absence of illness.

Health is an all-embracing feeling of well-being – of a happy balance between mind, body and soul.
It is an acceptance of who I am, what I am and as I am.
I – upright – my feet firmly set on the ground,
my eyes level with the world around me,
my head high and lofty.

We are here to help you reach this goal.

At the Academy for Open Minded Medicine by Edna Schur, the Source Medicine Institute offers certified continuing education for physicians, therapists and coaches.

For Physicians who want to acquire a new perspective or expand their practice to prevent the major global problem of chronic diseases, auto-immune disorder and chronic inflammation. This amongst others by bringing the patient back into their consciousness and not the pill-matching-the-symptom.
First onsite courses start in 2021.

For therapists and coaches to familiarise them with the anamnesis technique, the frame work and way to diagnose the root cause problem of functional medicine, enabling them to treat clients in a more targeted manner and with higher success rates, but also with the purpose that medical doctors can hire them into their team to grow a bigger community of medical practices to reduce chronic illnesses.

For both courses, The 5-Step Program to All-Embracing Health by Edna B. Schur is being applied.

In this way a far-reaching added value for people worldwide can be achieved. The system already exists in English and German.

Trainings and further education courses start in the late 2021.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our Academy.

Stay healthy
Edna Schur